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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 7, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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pnt h t bastcallctsayi thethin el he h theest ot a being e ballyiheinncum nt hhe t a priden oba. bibe:g havee a lteno edum pren baroll ns, yingbi lav can lnd ppen ll , i meng, a lanot! the nt 12 en meaonth >> tre's! yea t he go, n12 thers le tn 60 daysth to t 'sea go bore to, iow erle t60ay cocus go be tow a wk is cs letim in liti, a nth ven woreis so a l aim yrn isn tia hne a etnity y billlet'sntern t etty llt' etnityer edir t ofampan etandtylectnsdifpaagazne, g d d moing ane ctd weome ck heaz to gmeri 'smog e wee wsro". i ink heseumbe giv o rius alicef wh ro i k e berepuivican and acewh replica aninvote are puhinkang,dep ca thfirs pol in whatedoesret nk suggt toou? th years iolhink i doehaest g ggrightoto? tha eank i eleibiloey sue, g bil in gheha abscele il a replica ne, fieil, thn bs p priry ep votcasie havth allyallein overi wit ot tohisointav you now,lyle theyee loing it the tos nt oursonho tyhinkw, can eylog he st bt back oma i on t nk genelanlectn. d ri bt noba tha o m i ne is ct mitt ri romnoy. ha m yoknowhe hortfs
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ttom yo suowived ht thtop thet ll ps mth now by su edbeinththep he cdida p mowho'sy emer d fr ain le of cda batesort's of er ufrcath lf anhispponts he ntertf real beeable uo lath a ans fioner o h nim. i t nk t t calnts eerlela meth g rit nofi oith. tpubl tan v cers,s ven thrino if hey d't lble mi vs,n rney. ll: fme pl, i d thi lmi is m accnt f r y. so thin: as p w il, wchhi m cccand fate st soinnder wand ws ende proemsf ppleerd le e yo in roiss pe ce,erma in i lon tyon beaomne cma i foupoin tea shane. >> thi it es ouinirecy ha >> whyhit erma cainecose thpoll t begith,hyhymaai he h soe uchthllegh, appl homong h e ba ofhe replicanppng part ba ftherare lot voteps ca whare okinfor mebo who ver rt m h ernote t ot of whe inr bo o washgtonfor meboer who m t do notpeakofike a shonr boho policiandootake a in hman cnersu mitt lian hn romn chat absutelsutts rman mnt cbsn. el mis romy saks mh moran li a c olitian,mie's momh ss m orre pliishe and thiit n, sere' ma quityha p hermanndain hies he that e'quy lot replica priry
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an n hvote areooki forhas a lo oft epcariotens genal re terekior lookg fo so lohinken enat'she rson r the ok fo o mber billyou ownk the 'sobs rn th sue ll b n ber ere as ll u relhees to this ecoe my. b n r asherm celn'so bhikgrod isco. inis usinrms, s cs bro toois is tt romisy. in th is s wtoothe shinon spostpoll fomnd thsromn we in perstnt, llme rht f bendimmn at er, r be t pernt ree intsepares t two. yea i tnk t t wher e tsar t he an c n iso.oingo heae t twh to dif hhe cisngants ho v d hromn on iscorests mak va beerasebout his mnn re s expeakencend h it uld berelaoeowuteisould pe ce h pet orm d the hite ousela i tnk mtldomneasade pem he tea beseer c e on t m that srene anethinthat whye be c oleadon ts ehanomy s aninathy qution admney tas l ed omy his quon exrien, yo knoweyin l oheis busiss ectoex en yoi townk a l betr th ca has to sito thi poin tand a let th ca hasot caasoecesrily hiin codectetoome ocaasisesly ecomiccolanstes we as e o thk roey h, so he' got ec caticnswes p a ttlenthro hsoe' tht . at anthe onomis na berle on bill you ard th ane rolomins, nr
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on llu d rit? ol its, an ernit u nt on ri it --n ete eity,ithe u nex12 non --mont. tey, thk yo sha, ouofex waingt. ma ha: nt thyohameouwhilherm cain nd ntwagt ma: ginichmeil rm squang o in in n awoinh pson deuate o or thnweekd bu itas t auestns aed pn deat o reathyekbu got it h tman inst a ing.ea ke aotook hn thi >> d'tven g.o ak the. hi >> an i sk my dn queion? no.he >> i are m gtingacknuen? o. meage,nd o re gngtoryk ba onn mmesagee, ory ban readll o mge tther ad o accots. ad a t of etherer accounts. af verying ers be ansred,ndf acts sto. ry weg e geing ck on bens d, messe,kay?to mar a: awegeg oight a msshy? ar a calm hern caht a spon mng tthos legaons st nht lm er canear a wk afr th on tos gas n oke, dec ringar wafth on gerdo at lare,ecng ttn thierampan wi not bar cur tiledyhi pathis wiot conover. b >> am it winuredyt, nd is asar awe'roner c cern>>m t inthesalletionaren go gasnywh ae. 'r i an crn ppl ightesakeleon uen gog so morwh stu .i wee in pt t winhte i ansoor htue's e otr wein tin tng i
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an h.s ot steek,n th mdle of t is. k,thiresrm, mef hav h thbestes, undravsing h weein e htory of thithstdrng camignee hry f hithe eric peoe aramn sick of utte e iceoar polics. icd ihink tha ttet's what olthats. iays.nk had itasee tsncouging ha me, at m entes. it staou ngd e, m thisntntir camign, ta becae th ame can peoe saw roug isiramn,his. ca thth sawmehrouneohis hit w ug b, as. ttthawousmbolitns u that a t eouras usol u t at ntin onessa erandus to t coinuehis mpai the innsa waowe'vbeenunni it. co uerthas ai allhe rht. wa'ven ni we, ca alst.addi ha thall hi rwife. gloa too thewecalsdiha newsf th lleghifelooohe miscductquot ardewsth eg th he ok iimse. thsc is ctten ote sitdetion th e itougon tse s n ll: theit monntim ron ug t ulakinhe topams. : he m spoimon in aninher raw ll ts,op me inpo thentatef an r w il tnoispaulheck in i ahete 52 pcentf thvote ilisulckn atin aherm cai pnt hanthlyte d tel ng fin newrmai ansund's cis wlace whe thmediel may few n nde c w recey toecla him awhthdiay n ontrner n pa sayretolaim a th vott ju
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mtrht.r pa ay howo yo g fromeingth ot jua m r.pectle t rd towyo gom acngally rct tinni t? thene tacnglys, is nobynihang ghe t i m essano beuse ngve h a msage at'seen esa se. bi:bee aul hls a mge sayg if 's hen do s not inbi tl rublinayif enomitionhe w l nomakedoot t a n a a rlin ind endemion wnoke a a caidatbecae he qtendde don't nt ocaatcahe q . do hot abouhat? mar whaette rean thanhat, llhoou rig?t? ar hawellbackte toeaur an lt,dig? stor prelldentcklo ndid le jountsn weig ng ior orent idjo wheer mt ts roey i indigd, i o quohe m ro i ndelecble. tch is.uo i tnk tre ianssue the ece. h .lipfps a it t t i relaues to herust i dot knpf tha ahe c go on t bt plasidetost bamadoknha co t b gi pn hideecor mea whe tmare i gihi or qutionbout hetheahe t yo ire rningor t whi use quonutth rning oryo rng thi t e rng wale hse, u'veot a t prlem th t arica wa h, ve a peop. ma ha: ns fpr them affl t aca use,hat' nov .op ma: fhe fl despe th e,t' cticis, tov vern sai he wspld, th c ci tfactendoeomneyf rnai w , inde he re t in thectdone
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publan dee t nomatiohe ere areomhock gbl om iotail unfo ing > a sereck us scaalat ilfoenn g ate s caunivsity form defse crdinn ore n ivty rmef san cskyin aused of n xual aaultg yog an yys h ametedf tough al aaritltheyo foued htow t tgh scho adm istritors eou heed tcour tharg wi covhoingdmtr ups tho he tur rg al gatis. wiov a garinp iho s for talayti a in in iarriurg, s pnsylnia.or t inri g, sandky oe coider p theyla. irppart to coand joe ocoerhe arooaoe pateo, s dusk stelien ys h clit is ssk reeng reeenng from hheseharg. li >>s jereeseryee ups om verserg >>er straht aut ty chges,pshe aegaterns and e knoedgehat ra a t gard chs, aat ws d noget o rd w -sheth o higuilor iocen - peop areoingohinketh didhiil t is. en maha: 'l havoprengnk mde t oma: av is sto. m e dad, w arehe sool o admistrars ato whawere th da wre cha sedln cnectn mi wira all afhare his?th we mht shart wh c tcts, wills?
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e m s ma wha. ey a now tormescho admistramars.. th o athesowme mho a f ort miurs rao. sayg th oes m ae gog toe s fppin t s downayth one 5 yeargold tto sin wn kerlne, atetic 5irecarr, t hes gog to be o rlaticec hegogoe o miniratio adnisttiveeaveo de wi hisefen, th oth niti adgaryst shuvevede intwiim viseenthth esidt, hhad evio lyryhu regnedntinte vm vi pridenfor nanc andid hd io re edbusitess, vi is pren nowr nclsond si, stsping dn. ow bo ofo the m stngpresably d bo safng tthe the d m nhinges ly wr g. sa bo t of emheppead defor nng e gndwr bof jy, tseaasor the g jand try iestitinghe d rry iting sdusk acced yf 40 diff sent skcounelatcc sex40l aseheyre fft un at acsed perry a ex a ilinyto rort sexl acd er a abus very uickin, i rll ttl exu th the tol t gra us ry juck suci thin t a thethheol tra liev thejullegucionsin a he amoued tothiore evan hhesingrounegandns tt ou te algatihis we inhee wos hngund o tone he alti win defe antsotwohas oe sious ry q ckly alsfets to b add he, j sus qlylso b patnoas ad h j nobeen nedat in any noen
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crinalattenor h n expe ied tbenyamed cr pralecuttes sar thate w pe t ed ve cpera vehrouproutut sa atthe wroce. he d aeave cra bouoret t e ce gran d aury. issd a steme, le bse t brg itp f l an scrn, iy. ssa s mele wi reapart f ittobrit f ycr i no it ys uotewieafrtit y tr, thnatu and mounnot of crgesteade a ver shoctrto gthme atundunll pen cese aer stocers, ghile a diden wt i s suosedoo wh sts,leid the we chige bught o mysued w atntio likanyolshe ch bhtmy inlvedi atio cik'tyo hel b ined be cadded. esel mat brs a a eged tobe ve ourrede and mattha, a athe edesidot ofenn sta ore sayndg tt m as a,r e idof tn tatwo n whare ing ayo t bs traig d in he bo ldinwh e gbehi me the nex bt f hos, igine bin bel ves hiille heex f ho timaly belslxoneted. rtha martma: bo boneerryd. ha rtbo ndus is ery pern at thhearofhi sndal usdavis lee.eer at arwe gthng tarseeim i s al e co troo vie. ar g t tode? i co >>ooeporr:ighlod like we e gog o>>oreehl rry kee goanduy noor ay me sn unl tre iduno
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an aher gal p ceed sg. un t hes chged i s id wh anr 40liffent ped ounts, 2hechd s w 40fe fenies19 mdemeornt 2 volvg asany as ght unfees mmeoys. lv as is ywrees t os. s w100,e0, uncure oail. ma of tho arod0, h unre l.ough mara,mafhoroaint hn th the's n waye ghouldar ve de tnt c mes ofthhe nay ldich is a dusede t li cen nsf tonef h hs a ed fo erli n te colague h >> uil iear fro fo his moh, ion'tolelieue u ir ro ther s noing moat i ie'tie evereen atouldeadet. erto bnoieveg hat iouldo er n anytldng othisde nat e bvet ldo yt ois >> rorte andat s rdusktend cvict of tse charsaceshe ssk cpossctilitfof a tmuch sar es li behd barssit ach mart. maha:li eharthanyou ry mh, rt ma da:d le mler. an u ll: mat sry xploddale ov theeeke, rit, i mr. ev: y s way loose e jt somofovhekeri i th stors weeve watingay > e a m jdayomorni. al thicomithorweat ug a mar my fhtniver aalhimi b u ma ivern fr aignicant b batt groerd ste. vors ani go nt theoll ttneceroary uniovote s t.t cod havo a ao hel n ionacerippy iote t coha
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efct. n wenal tepp youbout tha mart: lo the ef hou pelweteouutha harting loeresihent a ousubp pna or th soldra ha g issuebut sie wh ae hoe ys i goesbp too othola su ft . whho doe it? bil the iesoo fmer rst f dy ldorat?us ilhe isive her f r twiths on cau l that is s ve clo toeerer thonau heahas velooea. and saw lra, ve. b nd hu andawe l, idn' b say hund lot. e hudid . n' thhug ays allhatas t.cessy. hud thg llt ss
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rthaa maj calorni highy islose aft haaj al niyestday. ghey dis a a youseft tin wat sty. -- d r atineouateresthatin resued iatsome kdf r ne erplostn anta he cnk ofsu ime kd hh pssur osan h c fli of h pur wosidelew li sentlly cated- eate awodew andsde, nty ced te dsli. th is dsdisa, rous situion. li allind th rols d dosa us the ll io t tun. lld oldo terse te. i t stery's pelintests partf an rs. ers incased pinst sety rtchecanin pce aer a bstnced s y in 20 at sim ar
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ec p a a b peli 2. atim bu bilall ght. no replican lmake handlig th whithousbuaill t. bpoe forocumnotsepca lke reted the ndthitolynusa oeorum tter re d the heamayndmintratn, thou, puing bac lat on er e a frid, thwhitinhousat coousel puidgacatnhis: s h idthitus riosy iscootl s: a s suffosientisusticatior croaing long fftandntgtiti and portt oag on ecutind brchonfintiaty d rt teres, e particulay wn br nonefif tia mor re tnar 85,la0 w ges ne t docorents proced t5,0 to s datoctsro evidnce a toatvi e vorism t polical a suorte or wrodoinby ri th twhitolhousal thatast int versuterroin portthtitus . att t er louiana c gresrtan sve. uia alesis o ces s the cmitt thatotedo ise th es ohe csubpttnas. atlcomedbackiso yoth sir >> gd morng. ll: ur rea ion bp thes. iteomckyoir ouse gdor . ey s : youean he oveeach .ese so y, s orbroou andvech necesoary. o ro youndnow,ill,he oma minirati hascead ay. ou w,histl,y o obstrtingn ni tiisas sol adr st o scaal, omtrng the ry binni whe weol iedca t, et b ice doc bentsnihe e tweethe riougenc sd t at a brovethisoc ltsn,
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thee woue n't ouve uthenc aveis l cume sth oouginat y, w uhade toubpoa the me ona fro w d depa mentf entogy apoth om butnc we g thoro pa nten do amentt ishowea omut e ole gt ofhingthatho we higy dontisweuestnabl the ct te t soof agengiesat we igwerectuay sang ty st dibl't t nk t t the tso ges shld he ppro d treuasa t y lo, bu of crse di t a toth sh he forod tommucati sloithbu ce a oe whe hoe, a thefo d ite usemutiumpein ah whho a artefastrackg thhe e e lo andpeaid aasicly ge ito te tstmck anythy bause lond d the icce p gside is g ng to t bpartnyipatyg in bhatse e pdes g a ound btoakino th brtatint wereonceed aut ahoto a nd binth op. re theceeant ae, t a to taxpers ve lt ove . hent t xp$500s illi l in tsve scanl, swe'rtryi t 00 gelithen ts fac. wenow an s'ryi tha thegee aac wew cohaunicionsheithithe ite ause d alwe'v saids lo, ha co tictnshie e e al 'vtran aren thaidpresloentha ama omis, gi us e t docu nts tweean theenhitehaest a isgi hos e rerdin cu ss yndreehete on regding hoolynrea,in a they stilldr ruse donegngyn ahat biey:ll i re kw d a l o t mmite me ers thebi k l o repuican si sayit themes he docunts andepuansiay ovehe we cus dehuffyve red wtedendhey dealwithinor ff prots --eddy
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pots, t ma r poaltsthorro and -e po maj, poima ispo thi thed qstiowhetr orot eyajoisestrturehithisoan e to qay biok theteor iesto trbefore theisn tpayeto b ththat whayou' ito tryg - fohe t yetryi t figatehau' o rryht yididigolit oal forit rm ha a r edit he. f >>itt's mkeyoint fr autobilha o rs h >> ts t y hant reath lawfr iutsil o cle the dera t g ernmt haea don't awve t aut irityle to se ordirate t gnm axpar,dot tut ty meing ttinthemn th s di tck othe nepa and me g lowiin a pemvatethompa to c e an oget e e alitynd rwi ptepa the cant $ milon tt's sta a.ty soe've actllyhe got $il ts ta e- ils om tve.s.cty ot easu deptmen wre e-s t. ey - wesu werepeen w qstiong whher nott wa lal fo - t deptmenerofnerg qio wh r otto swaordite t l fo ttaxpeperenrg of s coudie t wexpan to see f ou wh t whieo houee's invoemen as.wh t hiand e comttee askou the ad ovotheenoan proam. a d womonthee ask t giv me e oen rol thnfor tiona w thgard ag wh tat t whiive use ew aut thor tons rdwh t hi suboinatn to hee a xpay. heouldt gi t tha formion me. boatto so w reay heldgiubpohaa -- rmn e. subpnainthe form ion w causfrany, tpo -- amicaneoplwanto nowbp in e at hrmpenen tousanlmos tt hal amanplnt
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a lliow d hlarsne o moy thos'salost. a ll hioe's at i try dgrs fige oumoth i'tryi tot.igur ut hs iry w igou i' mayis tho nturmoven thi w ory. ma thethhiteouse nas tsvehi posion. you ssuey.noth he te sebpoe t, orho mes t si. ou uext mthe oeor he? >> mhe spoen thas en m issu. onway h ather>>we'r s en s gointo g the su inrmatonn. y thqueson i awhateroes'r e whine ho ge hahe to hi. whinare atey sthes iats ggrewhivelhohao hi fighng awhe s obsucti thisreel invtigaon hichgh a s yided bs whoti lotf is nv gaquesons atchhe yid merinhootf es s taxper - >> bl: b wtri inhe whe ho e dxplare - b b w exec iive pvile? wh ho at w dldre thereve ouece om g ptinglehe inf wmati heyou y yove wil get gng evtualnf. ti >> ell,u yoistoilcallet execive ivile isevheal >> rol,e th thetohitellouse s tay ece ilis loo t seroth he tespecseic s t this, wdon' wanto gioo you t a of ec cour thohi wetn' s ved intngi aou a leflroce. urho th didt do sd i ahat. le l ey ccese n to ethrtiddo ecutet. pri lege c n theyoaid 're et ging yothe formion at ut yore aingri fge. eyd e gi theyodon'e getrmon choe yo a gwhat fhey' goi to ve us ahen' wttho eey'r not at y' oibecao e frkly ere'an a w vestatiogoin on'rotnd we e gocag tofret ty e' st iofactin billi ha tenecon towego to
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tgo a y ct ll sayhaenou'lonoet a thenswe y in e end >> wre gayng tget 'le e cts wed trn to furnd o w gwhat tappet do ove h fs tr f a lliodoll os of axpaatrpe ney isve h admistrion a s iollofpa blo. biy tevedmtrn lo calibi, thkve you r yo tim mart. lith maha: emplments hiu ing yollioim of erics, v y ha , asrte ma: alplnt hi kg w. iof buwho b ringiche vhaasrunt al k ofhatbuo bng pn? nt so new numrs utof ttay p y surise soew y. um >>ill: t and suse aershks y >> l:contue, ttli fradnd a neshes ithe ate nt , lioklama.ra wow! e lanest o ithise hee mageand w fks a la. dealw!g wi all hela o shaisng gegoind fn. a >>t staed alwillha in r blin>>ta a we we haing oto r tin a dr ser, ecau whage o f tt ke wwereoingo drr,aual f wreng d itas aong o. itustentn it a ang and o on.ittt annd .
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ll:ere we a a22 : mites st te houe aow. a s. scks suld on mi fs t tou am conrns at. ss stalyd o ft ju gree, b amons taly coullygawl bee - efaujure b onts oly deb ulwl eetradg ghs a wauomen on oeb no in l eradgha wenanhaan. > mo noha l a wk aerha. mo e sno atormlamm the w a rthet, tre renormmm 6he000 he tcusters thoupowein 6 0 connticu a wk lat st s d thou awe non t nncu w hap. at >>his th anbelvablon t ve ner sn anhingap >> lis elblt. inlori w nhad sanng cegorli 4- gs fe huinicanri i w nedr we c thior lg witut 4- fhuan ne we wer. ll thit inrvie ldonen it thdarktheeo of r. t inconnieticuneligh &thrke pauf ologes or nnotcughavinau power rtore i behe ogin alogis. >> lindwey rre be loh stenc agi >>ndy r 3oh0 sncays,ut rededo 3 a fours thas,s toed f carsfornhao overowd carn ja. han svewdelead fi hour latja. thn evolngooreafi ur at coinueto sn ftholrer.
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
mpans sather oisomut no an saer evenceonneing eo t. bi: que ahock ev ocer neg th t weendbiquack t o ethth moviee a t aer t eects e keepoingnd vi a t goi. a maha: etsncreble. ep ng we h anoi ma e:thque onheree. hn ea east,quonurrine i ne. ea kes u woer t,ri rht? bil notuppod t i. s wo happ thaway, r? ilotpo tight >> mtha:hat'goinon pp ha y,out the. biht: w e h me aa:t'in uon itnhe bi oh w undgoin ha craical u voten tha iattl grod ohnd in at'sten thlinend hha ittlouldroffect s my e. her 'sthne h tate it ldwe'recon t st mtory mart: et'sr go big or gteo 'r try rt home 's gthats thboldigessa o g om seawmars urgg me at th ldesa serco itte sto fed amarg al sutioto t scote fa tion deb s pioblem what goo tideahat uld oneb p remht? atat hoopenseaf tht danel doesot mee tha r l?ming hnsthel es adliee? ha fl fr lng li fl f
9:28 am
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9:31 am
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9:32 am
rits. p led whan thehio niw psed he ri. whheo leglatu did i pd i idook,egtuid you ian't fce k, meers thenionouo p't f es uess meeys heon vunta ply ve tmp, d us vta als t llecve bgaingls ghtsa wheange of ec bin ingshat are tswh ge aufmatilly gotied in a c tracgs liktre nsio a au htilthy ti in cacik nefihoseill io a hh suect fiseegotl tion an thsu ut ons,f coue, areoton ry u et byan t us,s,fou o e th put u t bs t mh ual o the b lotomorthw aut t it' m hgointo b ver u ver oy otlye btor at' ntes d, binause bf ther er unnslyin, is wliv them a les o bseth indunn tir, w sas be use ey lemt t l d sconn tbatt. sabe bie let le ge tto tt poont in momt. ttyou .d wcons , yobiadetge dian ta fe poin yeaom ack,u wns yo u h new jerany. fe we'ea all k,tched tsenion hew er tes ansfm the'wa thi l he t ste rons. now,he unis ssfreth ihi t rest r in aig wayw,nis thwhit hoe is tatchg th i a aay sithificitt wayho.ischth aif i i siicay. orturd, jn i i cack i oheur j replica
9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
ilya, memingp on ke the. biday, omorngwon mart: th biyor rtyou he fdedhat oselu h billa bi way f.d t we'lseeowt el goell bi aymart: it is 'le he fo the oe lida rtits f nat hnal foarhe troo i da marand, memrs fat l got me a onthoo elier thanard,emxpecd t ath eer an. was aec rllic rpri. ayou casee for r rios a fuks. c or vy mh slad f. hs v m ho s! d wee be h waisoong. youe hay, tooho >> we ybe iaig. aou ha >> s'soo wo. y ve bn gon a f alfer s. b li. on a l ftle t off adjumentprobly hereli le of junt ob >>'mre excedo gy ha s dty averxc aga g ck io th e rolha d of arom d ki o ggae h a itholfreak litt b. makiha: g h h ne. boak whaa reattt sto b and ma: h oubestoll n tse bohaat to ndmili, th roopoust ear t riva lithomessophe fstar wa of s. va fces esbegiing puloutf f iraqwand af the p fsides gi g ulpromted ty wod beom aqfor aristhes an pde w re om st ttingwoo sebethe
9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
th idepshi ofs ach tr amica, utas inn e is ce,def to crui h ama,noung c smarolleo guiduat tong wo in e he th ieldaran lejennas y gatonow wte won he ldanna sto, th boo nn yw abo w th anastothoo ohan tthe metbo inentr a arica. on t so ty beth inretr c atinucag wor t on bloba hlth cnu orn issu, asbaell man othe hh this. ma ha: yousullasl an ehe thring.hi mae're: ou thring. a lif a erri. t whi re use,he pside ashrg. wellhow a hif a thi dng? e, he' pde dois reat wllw bot h d? e'are.oi he jt hoated wheotarri ope., thw. jho opeolfri tonameop at thspef colas. torthamet d bil hemr andol. ha othe wer verilemrnd jlous heerer. >>t's nnua jolus urna nt f>>s oundua rriona, an flastprinnd heid thi t be io ranestin achess thi big t b bith r unde ac tig b warhors,o wll de bo connue -eillars, w escial, to ork thbo ourone l veesransal to k mart: sourne othe ings thate sof dn'tvens seertso oe gs yo fam y in heatso liaef
9:45 am
li dt totuch,eentil yoaminiae lito septh,ber th, ilen tre we, yoknowjust wond ful rt optfr , t weyoowst natnwid ndl o rembraes othatatid inedib dayhichf cose w srera oat sigfica in all ourinibivesaychnd co w snig ycarn l ur esves,f cosend ias y suck the s,co i pside's spch a sk shahesvil, i thout itas so pdetirrg sp an amovindhaili enui , anouit s i st wt torrlay lit ean vi piecof tt an get yuiran i w toough on y at titt d ec wa tlikeanorlletf y you gh>> tn 40 t d wake sls ttou t0 rish on e pl se lef t a grt de behd. sh n ey lplt spses def chil en agrdeeh grachilen lsps il a o mi therail deay. theyef miheuccefulea bu nessey and pmise reerceand l lifimef bussnd p seeamshey wlever aveerd if ea chce t msy wulfiere .ch t th leffiometng els athef lega of braryet als gafra selessss tt wi a alwa insre semeriss. twi maha: at w tha like wa nsat d for y? >>ell,eryri ma: wha mkeing. d orha y bee to>>l,y mg. shasvil eeo ju a faysaftehail seembe11th ju fs te
9:46 am
seembe17thi we for se be their mori sercend of sebe couthe, wweor metith tse r rier of oufami wes, nyeth tim t. d th mi, gup ttim pne th flig 93,as t g tlan p thatas bught dowbyhe ig3, t ssenrs, ey h staaned at get bhtow t r ortsen f, m hta et eir ved es, td ty rts ca fedheir lovr d , d o ts and ca id iove u aet'sirov o ll, yound iememe r, a's a , ou ey semed ihinkrobay a thunit stasapit. s ink anbawe c i gine howthittas it destctivthatouldave anen i c our i capneolowad stiv beeatlde iur ap t alg wi t wor ee tre ceer a al twi tor peagonnd h hribltrce a thatould te. i hink youpeon h hbl kno at it'ld bee ten iars,nkhat ous tnot' ee nth n nnivs,saryt whe t orgepoket hivryhe snksvle d thge whekewe ce her thveryext ssv d for thhe c theer thry metrialervi her dator grnd zo, a ihe see not at lmeg aalvi ier tnkgr z a i eebecae t le've a rivedhose t ca da, sove red oseen. e da roundasot o s.m te daun year ago steongego but th actu dayartsel igoge thinut i s on wthlltuayeverel
9:47 am
in forg. ma iha: onu al w hadn er oprtuny too toround zero wit presrgent amama : aldad opuntotounrs. ama, nd yroitest a kn, th. asa, y butif mome to tch l ofknthou do bhereif >> meo h ofh-hu mart : toedo the witre thhu. dortou ktop inouchhetit all is tre any th do kinorrechondee,ll t ny ds mrsobamrecalldeou and k you f- you d knorsam ll e's the f a d yo f-ouhileno verayear now,s he fo. >>ot reay,le b ofours ra are knw,s sh cou cl>> meea b fanrssk me knshou anying cd i m coul call er ie wandny g i cha wit hul ll i tal abouansome ssueha was it wo hin al on. rthather s be soouuchme ue loasing ck, th awo on. thhae boers thbe camoh outlog , a o rumsldthbo chethy,amut cooleea ri has new bo outmsndthe ds cree rt ocoaeeri reaasew tenonbout tt dre emers th was on theea ite enuseurin t tho year witerththas war ihe ira e e inanho arit evethin ar does it --id iraee lik at tou?ve in it eseall-- iik d. t i dn't- i? o ent sdll th whe di got homi 't aer i o s weoved ome,thhe thaiotom a aliz how str sed weaded e, en whan iived iz theow.trd stecau w win'ted resshe.
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9:49 am
intoeall al wbuderf ae tife m to perillce, d i ink w rf geor ande didhat, ourri , i rls kmpaied wh orndid us,t, ich s a t ofur s ai wun ts,y h a --of bot ohem wld s at t ty ar dng now--ot o im w rely s a tar dow insrati fro i the ople re t ay go to mt anthe nsanceti thero he le t go owhen me lid an te re.cehe and hry few enli peoe t d e wod ha theeweo oppounitvetoun wo forhahe present thenite d poit stat, ororo be invved est he te e resiatntiaorbeampan,nvd i wld s to l o thsi, yoia knopaememr ese w so o momts thyonoem and eakeom advaage tnd eerieee, thlife vae t eeriee, tt e ie ey a thfe offed. rthai'm re t ey liee t hear ag th a it' aff. ham im trtan lmesse, bause 's tarly ath hor t at'un and imanss bse cerinly o t s ave as h t ull d d. >>erly s abssutel mart: wee gr efuluo yoand od t dsee >>bsouel ank rtu vewe mucgrforul ing thyod te glis thk yo very k mveh. ucr maha: g alithyo con atul ionsry you m h or. ma : thas a a lot onmartul: wens ou d herve. wellhaa derve otbill you llrtweourusba dve ll heon't daveve o ll gu ere asba ny he'te stres, l g rht? su lehim kw i
9:50 am
an fintr, r? ownlem ki binl! >>i'llell him wn b >>.lll he gngim mntai bing. n yo dohe g mai tt? >> bil bg. yo i'm o f tha t >>il to 'm fout inutha befe th hr. to > thart nempymenut figefes h armorehan ublehe tion armp aveenge.ig y youarren lemerin onenvere. vingy hartimeouindgori job there ngarodayme d >> plub whatreoepubaycan valsluathinkubfn ls cain stankngower . >> lg terrojeions in ta abouwhathe gernmert is l gogg toerost heeverjens enouat rig g!nmis gotot h ermene. you ig c't - . ou c -
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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10:01 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:04 am
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10:08 am
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10:14 am
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10:15 am
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10:16 am
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10:17 am
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10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
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10:22 am
10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
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10:30 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:51 am
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10:52 am
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10:56 am
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10:57 am
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